When the baby shower cake sucks!!!!

Cake 1 on the left was emailed a week in advance to a highly recommended bakery with extensive phone conversations about slight changes that may happen, no Fondant use, but waves made with butter cream icing (ok), no Fondant block lettering, but simple print (ok)……Cake 2 on the right is what I picked up at 945pm Saturday night (shower began the next day at 11am). My first thought was…..Oh. Hell. No.

What part of this is not what I asked for? The size, the coloring, the lettering? Uhhhh, ALL OF IT! I could feel my inner Paminator beginning to rear her ugly head, so I left before things got ugly. Sunday morning, 7am, here I come, a tired hot mess, with Cake 2 and all paperwork showing my order in hand, including full picture, colors, print lettering, etc….I’m a, “Get your manager”, kinda gal, so I began there….you have 3 hours to fix this nightmare of a centerpiece cake. I will be back at 10am, at which time I will be collecting the corrected cake as close to Cake 1 as possible, and I  will not pay one cent toward this mistake. All the while, the gal from earlier in the week stood behind me telling anyone and everyone behind the counter, “I told her it would look different”, “I told her we couldn’t make a carbon copy”. My response to her was to take my tone down a notch, look her in the eye, and tell her that I suggest she stop talking to me at that moment.

The manager stepped in and for the first time I heard all I had wanted to hear throughout this entire fiasco, “How can we fix this?”

Long story short…..Cake 3 (under Cake 2) was ready by 1015am, a lovely bouquet was added for good measure. I hugged them both, cried, and said thank you…..a few hours later we had a happy, beautiful mommy to be opening gifts with stained blue lips after

having enjoyed a beautifully designed yummy, YUM-MAY cake…..all thanks to 2 men who still believe in providing impeccable customer service.

Kudos to Michael and Adrian! 👏

One thought on “When the baby shower cake sucks!!!!

  1. So if you ever need another cake I have a friend….. She does great. Work! Yummy too. Bella had a cake similar to this one and she made it exactly like the picture I sent.


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