Then….There Was Mickey!

Mickey is pure unadulterated filth with a capital “F”. Dirty, greasy, thuggy, nasty, criminal, filthy, FILTH……and he needs to come back to “Shameless” ASAP!!! Look inside the criminal filthy (literally) trash, and you will find a sweetheart of a CONFUSED HOT MESS. I loved him because he showed his sweet side (if only for a second) in an environment that is mean, murderous, and unapologetic. He beat the tar out of his dad over Ian….and it was a fight for the ages. One teary eye from Mickey and I turned to a squirting mushy mess just wanting to reach into the TV and make it all better. He was the unloved who craved love, but looked for it in the WORST ways. He’s mean and ruthless, but once I realized all that was a front for a sweet human who was simply very broken having been raised by Terry and his thugs ……I quickly began to overlook the filth he spews. If I was from the South Side, I’d want Mickey on my side watching my back!


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