is total, complete, unadulterated filth and debauchery……and I LOVE IT!!!! Mainly thanks to Lip. He’s the dirty (quite literally, unbathed dirty) bad boy that you immediately love and want to “fix”. Initially, I though he looked a lot like Barry Manilow (who’s music I LOVE), but then, one day he suddenly became a super cool bad boy heathen. He’s intellectually brilliant and knows it, but just can’t overcome South Side Chicago (I guess that’s the bad side of town from the looks of it). You (mainly I) can see him watching you from afar and wanting so badly for you to take him in, clean him up, and make him do right. You WANT to, ohhhhh how you want to. When he cries you just want to wrap him in your warmth and love him through it all…..it’s not his fault, being raised by Frank and Monica-they should’ve been sterilized early on. On then other hand…..then we wouldn’t have the babe o’ licious-ness that is LIP GALLAGHER! Yum-may, yummy goodness with a bottle and a cig!  I cannot WAIT to see what he’ll be up to this time!

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