WTF is a blog?

39151746_10214445752869949_4511094968072273920_n(1) So, I’m reading a really good book in the evenings and the main character is a “blogger”. I’ve heard that term for years, but what does it really mean to “blog”? This gal uses fake names (granted it’s a fictitious story) and fake locations in her blog…..why? Why blog to be fake? You ain’t gonna get that here. I’m all wide open, opinionated, and honest. I suck at the niceties in life. So, aside from my grown children and my toddler grandson, all names will be real, pics will be real, and what I talk about will be real…..I’ll call daughter -1- “Maude”, daughter -2- “Mabel”, and my toddler grandson “Martin”. I’m Pam and my husband’s Rick. My dogs are Xochi (pronounced Sochi) and Cricket and Earl (I did NOT name him). The tortoise is Runo, and the dead hedgehog in my freezer is Kookie. I drink WAYYYYYY too much coffee because, well, it’s like warmth and love in a cup. Coffee and I are thick as thieves. We understand each other. Coffee knows when I am most in need and it soothes whatever ails me. Right now I weigh more than I EVER have in my life…’s an issue for me, but, what have I REALLY done to fit back into my size 8’s? Not much, not much at all… I drink more coffee and forget about it because my coffee doesn’t care. I live in a tiny cabin in a tiny town and teach at a tiny school…..and I LOVE IT!!!!! It’s all pretty simple and easy right now, which usually means shit may hit the fan really soon…..and when I least expect it. OH!!! FYI…..I rarely use bad language, but think I may as I write. I feel naughty and deviant using bad language. If it offends you, then, not sorry!!

Welcome to my “blog”…I hope you enjoy the ride!


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