A Thanksgiving that need not be remembered……

Three, only THREE good events occurred during the Thanksgiving break of 2018. First Mabel came home from college for the first time away from home since graduating high school this past May. I cried at the sight of her coming down the escalator, to which I was met with, “Seriously mom?? Why are you crying in the airport?” Because maybe…..I MISSED YOU!!!! Second, I was able to spend some quality time with lil Martin. He’s a complete joy, so fun and funny. Third, we canceled our multi-state trip to see my father in law, sister and mother……being in the car during the events of the week would have been bad…..real, real bad. 

However, they’re the only silver lining to a VERY miserable week off. Do I begin with the flourish of a violent stomach bug? A severe case of the aches and fevers and colds? A lack of the ability to EVER sleep in, even JUST ONE DAY? It was a shit show, and I mean that in the most literal way. We dropped like flies day after day, our friends texted they were dropping like flies day after day. There is no worse feeling than to have your very best friend, at 8 months pregnant, let you know that her flood gates opened (simultaneously mind you) from the bug her family brought home from your house. Martin’s 1st birthday party was the first day of vacay…..and an extra party favor was sent home to all. Nice. The only person around not sick that came to the party was my ex-husband. Yes, my EX-HUSBAND ended up coming to my home to care for Martin while Rick and I were laid up in bed. How’s that for conversation…..he and I had to take the baby to the pediatrician as he was sick too, and I swear we looked like a middle aged couple with our late in life baby. I kept reiterating he was our grandson, for what reason I don’t know, I doubt they really cared. We all get along fine….now. Five years ago, not so much, but all is well now. It just makes for funny looks and comments when explaining how the holiday week went. No one really knows how to respond to an ex spouse being around almost daily. While the ex was in the living room bleaching toys and doing dishes, my current spouse was ill to the point of simultaneous flood gates opening, which involved numerous cleanings needed to the shower, floor, and toilet. It was an event to behold and one I’d like to never repeat.

Did I mention the lack of sleep? If you know me at all, this is where I get REALLY selfish……I value my sleep and the one rule I have during a holiday vacation is sleeping in and/or napping whenever I want. That didn’t happen, so not only did my cough and cold put me in a mood, my inability to sleep past 7am or take a nap made that mood even more foul. I am not a morning person. I have tried and tried to be one, but it’s just not in the genes. We are sleepers, I have my mother to thank for that! If it’s 9:30pm and I’m not in bed, there will be big time problems the next day if I have to be up and going by 6:00am. Pathetic, I know.

I am now back at school doing what I do best with my littles. I’m back in my lil cabin in the woods going to bed when I want, eating what I want, and watching what I want. I can burn wood OUTSIDE without being lectured about forest fires. I can let the dogs run wild until dark, and I can sit in silence until I let them back inside. Best of all, I have a new book that I love and can read uninterrupted until I fall asleep!!!! Life. Is. Good…..finally!

2 thoughts on “A Thanksgiving that need not be remembered……

  1. I would love to read your blog, but the red background and blue font make it impossible for me to see.
    It’s just me getting old…


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